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Flabelos Plate Training - Perfect for Weight Loss and Body Toning


Here at Elites we have 4 of the new medically approved Flabelos plates, each in ther own private cubilces with tvs and earphones to watch your favourite programmes or listen to music whilst you shake! They are a fast, simple and a fun way to lose weight and slim down.


A session (ten mins) on Flabelos is the equivalent of going to the gym for a one hour workout, you can burn up to 450 calories with just one session, therefore using Flabelos is ideal for people who either just don’t have the time to go the gym or for those wanting to warm up prior to a gym session or even to cool down aching muscles post workout. To lose weight and tone up all you need is a ten minute session a 3-4 times a week.


Flabelos is pain free, it doesn’t raise your heart rate or make you sweat so you can even do it in your uniform on your lunch break and is suitable for ladies and men of all fitness levels.


How Does Flabelos Work?


Flabelos plates are very easy to use, a member of staff will get you set up and go through everything you need to know. Simply stand on the machine with your feet wide apart, select a programme/ intensity and a position, (overall conditioning is standing in an upright position with hands on hips) then hit the start button and machine will do all the work. The plate will begin to oscillate from side to side (not vibrate) causing you muscles to contract involuntarily as your core muscles try to stabilize and balance your body.


Help is always on hand to try new positions and target key areas eg; lower abdominals, inner thighs, triceps… You may think it sounds too good to be true as there are many types of Vibro/ Vibration plates on the market that only encourage circulation, however our Flableos Fitness Plates are NOT at all similar to these home use machines and are simply on a completely different scale in terms of

sensation, power and overall health benefits.


The Flabelos machines at Elite are genuine commercial o.t.o Flabelos plates, they are the only oscillating plate that is class 2a medically approved with a vast range of health benefits including weight and inch loss, these benefits are backed by solid scientific research and are notoriously promoted by fitness experts and medical professionals around the world. It’s therefore no surprise that more and more celebrities are now continually being reported to be including Flabelos Training as part of their daily weight loss/ fitness routines.


Flabelos really is so easy to fit into your regime and with your first go free it really is a must try!


Key Benefits of Flabelos


•Burn Fat

•Lose Weight

•Tone Up

•Reduce Cellulite

•Increase Strength and Flexibility

•Minimise Lower Back and Joint Pain

•Helps Improve Varicose Veins

•Increase Natural Collagen Levels

•Increase Bone Density

•Increase Balance, Coordination & Circulation

•Increase Sense of Wellbeing

•Decrease Blood Pressure


All of the above can be achieved by using Flabelos for

only thirty to forty minutes per week!